Saturday, January 03, 2015


Like many folks, I am constantly plagued by a nebulous list of things that I want / need to do.  I decided to make a pseudo New Year's resolution, and create my "Satisfaction List: Things I Really Need To Stop Putting Off And Complete This Year So I Can Be Happy," or "SLTIRNTSPOACTYSICBH" for short.

Here's what I can remember for now, but I reserve the right to come back and edit the list as I remember more things I've been meaning to do:
  1. Clean and organize my office
  2. Get all my photos scanned in digitally and backed up
  3. Finally fill my empty picture frames and get them hung up
  4. Go through my clothes and get rid of everything I'm not going to wear
  5. Learn how to properly use Garage Band on my iPad
  6. Compose my first bass line on my actual bass
  7. Clean my carpets
  8. Get more plants for my house
  9. Organize my bookshelves
  10. Start writing my ghost stories down

I have a year to knock these out.  Ready, set, GO!

Photo courtesy of Google Maps

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