Sunday, January 04, 2015

Being Foody

Zak and I share a number of things in common, which is why we're so compatible.  One of the things we really enjoy is the experience of unique and delicious cuisine.  Apart from the fact that we could both easily eat an entire ocean of sushi, love a really well prepared burger and are not afraid to try new flavors on it, we also have a shared interest in regional foods.

Sometimes we'll spend a whole afternoon watching online cooking shows about the flavors of a culture, which is all the more interesting when we find locations where we previously knew little or nothing about their local dishes.  Here are a few examples of dishes we have seen recently that we are VERY interested in trying out:

Bunny Chow - South Africa

This delectable portable soup and sandwich looking thing is a street food found in Durban, South Africa. It's a hollowed out half-loaf filled with your choice of meat and curry, and I want to try them all. Here is a recipe for it, in case you can't make it to South Africa any time soon:

Smørrebrød - Denmark

Ah, the land of my ancestors - Denmark. Home of the fish and egg and rye creations that will comfort you through the coldest and darkest of winter. Some recipe suggestions for your dining pleasure: 

Spaghetti Nera - Northern Italy

That's a little too scary for me, but Zak seems to be into the idea of eating black spaghetti. Recipe (for the daring):

Bigos - Poland

I'm saving the ultimate in comfort food for last because it will have you leaving this blog warm and fuzzy all over - and that's what this blog is about. And here is how you do it:

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